How Talage Works

Talage shops the nation’s top-rated insurance carriers to help you compare actual prices and save your business money. Instead of wasting your time visiting dozens of sites shopping for the best rates for insurance, you only have to visit one - Talage. It’s the smartest way to shop for your Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Property insurance. Like the savings you see? Buy your policy instantly online and be covered immediately.

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Provide basic information about your business and let our super-smart system do all the hard work of shopping and gathering quotes. We connect directly to our national pool of top-rated insurance companies (via API, if you like to nerd out on acronyms like we do) to see who's willing to insure your business and at what cost. We always keep your business information secure - and never sell it or share it with anyone.


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Talage shops for, retrieves, and provides you with actual quotes to compare side by side. Quotes are the real price of the insurance policy for your specific business. No bait and switch. No ballparks. No “rates starting at” language. The amount you see is the price you pay.

Pro Tip: Quotes > Rates You may have gotten rates from other sites. Rates are what you get instead of an actual price. They're the base; a guess; a ballpark; an average. But, they're not the price. You can’t purchase an insurance policy with a rate. That’s why we don’t bother with rates. Shopping through Talage, you only get real, bona fide, actual sticker prices provided by trusted top-rated carriers.


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Like the policy savings you see? You can buy your policy right now. You don’t have to set up a bunch of meetings to discuss and negotiate. You’re not going to get a dozen phone calls from insurance representatives. It’s the 21st century - let’s make this easy. If you see something that you like, then buy it online instantly and *poof* your business is covered.

We don’t care which carrier you choose for your insurance. We only work with top-rated insurance companies, so we know they’re all outstanding (and you can feel confident knowing your business is protected). Our only mission is to make shopping for and buying business insurance easy for you.