Insurance for Cleaning Services

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The cleaning service industry is diverse - from residential to commercial cleaning, and specialists like carpet or window cleaning. This industry also includes professions such as laundry services and waste management. But, all businesses in the cleaning service industry have two things in common - they bring much-needed cleanliness to their clients, and they need to protect their business with insurance.

Top Risks for Cleaning Services

insurance risks for cleaning services - injury to employees, injury to customers, equipment damage, customer property damage

“Do I need Workers’ Compensation insurance?”

The short answer is yes. Nearly every state in the U.S. requires you to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance; most require it as soon as you hire your first employee (sometimes even part time or temporary employees). That being said, each state’s stipulations are a bit different, so if you’re not sure, check out our state guides: Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations by State.

Even when insurance is not required by law, we strongly encourage you to carry Workers’ Comp if you have any employees at all because you’re still liable for the cost of work related injuries and illness, which can be substantial. According to the National Safety Council, the average occupational injury or death costs $33,355. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median days away from work due to a non-fatal occupational injury/illness is 8 days.
money for insurance
money for insurance
Real Life Example: One of your workers injures their back while performing their regular cleaning duty. Workers’ Comp insurance can cover medical bills and rehabilitation.

“Do I need General Liability insurance?”

While the law doesn’t require General Liability insurance coverage, it’d be downright reckless to not carry it. Virtually every type of business needs some kind of liability insurance coverage (in fact, it’s often the first insurance coverage purchased for a new business). Many times, clients or property managers require you to carry general liability insurance so they feel reassured that everything will be ok in the case of an accident, property damage, or a lawsuit.

Real Life Example: A customer or a client slips and falls on a wet floor and gets injured. General Liability can help cover legal/damages expenses. Equally, let’s say the floor buffer gets out of control and smashes into walls and furniture, causing them damage, you’ll be thankful for your General Liability coverage.

“Do I need Property insurance?”

You rent an office location that houses your administrative team (even if it’s just you), as well as stores your cleaning equipment. One dark and stormy night, somebody breaks the windows and steals your computers and some expensive equipment. Your property insurance can help cover the cost of replacing these valuable assets.

Real Life Example: One dark and stormy night, hooligans break in, steal some of your equipment, and damage numerous vehicles in the process. Hooligans are the worst! Your property insurance can help cover the cost of replacing these valuable assets for your business.

How do I get the best insurance rates?

Really the only way to know you’re getting the best rates is to shop around and compare rates. Not to brag, but that’s what we do best!

Here's the shameless plug because we want to make life easier on you - Talage just asks you for your business information once and then we do the heavy lifting of shopping our A-rated insurance company partners so that we can provide you with multiple quotes online right away. Then you get to see what these companies are offering their coverage for and choose the best policy for you. Often times, this means you also choose the one that offers great coverage at less cost. You get to see the prices and decide for yourself!

If you’re ready, you can shop for quotes right now. Our average applicant only takes 10 minutes from application to policy selection. You don't need to spend weeks shopping for insurance. Check “shop for insurance” off your list so you can get back to running your business.

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